Rachel was a woman in her early thirties. At the time we met her she had three older children who had been permanently removed from her care and was involved in the courts with her new baby. She was referred to the Haven Project by her child’s social worker who was very concerned about how isolated and unsupported Rachel was during the court process.

Rachel had previously been in prison and had moved to Liverpool for a fresh start, she had no friends or family in the local area and spent most of her time on her own in her flat. Rachel was keen to make changes in her life but didn’t know where to start.

We supported Rachel through the court process, attending court hearings with her and providing emotional support as it became clear that her baby would not be returned to her care. Rachel began attending our art group and found this beneficial as it reduced her isolation, improved her confidence and gave her a sense of achievement.

After court Rachel was dealing with the loss of her child coupled with the imminent release of her violent ex-partner from prison which left her concerned for her safety. These pressures temporarily overwhelmed her and she expressed some suicidal thoughts. Despite this however, Rachel continued to work with the Haven Project and her progress has been marked. We provided support to her in moving house, advocated on her behalf to access the trauma based CBT and psychotherapy she needed and to engage with debt advice services. These steps helped reduce Rachel’s stress levels and enabled her to think more positively about her future.

Rachel worked with us to draw up a list of different things she’d like to try in the community including stress management and confidence building courses, fitness classes and social groups. She continued to attend our art group and built up enough confidence to come along to those sessions on her own, which served as a stepping stone to accessing other community groups.

Rachel has now reached the stage that she no longer requires support from the Haven Project. She has completed a college course, is working full time and is maintaining positive ongoing contact with her children. During her involvement with us Rachel asked if she could write something to tell people how much she has benefited from the Haven Project’s support, below is an extract from what she wrote:

I’ve been through the courts before with previous children without the Haven Project and I couldn’t cope, I took a severe overdose and was nearly sectioned. This time I’m planning for my future and have a better perception of relationships. I am now moving forward with my children, I’m getting support with my mental health, doing courses helping with my anxiety and confidence. I owe all these things to the Haven Project so from the bottom of my heart thankyou.